Transmutation occurs when isotopes are exposed to neutron irradiation within fusion and fission reactors. I created a small web app to help visual the newly created isotopes

To make your own plots you simple need to specify the isotopes present and the numbers of each isotope within the URL.

For example will create an isotope chart showing two isotopes (Fe56 and Ni60) highlighted along with standard stable isotopes. The hover text (100 and 80) will be added to the highlighted isotopes and they will be colored accordingly.

For those of you who like scripting then interactive graphs can be created and downloaded via scripts or from the terminal using the curl command, try:

curl -L > example.html

Isotope produced during irradiation can be found using an inventory code such as the Pyne chain solver. Here are a few examples of isotopes created during irradiation.


View above plot in full screen mode


View above plot in full screen mode


The above diagram shows fission yield calculated with JENDL cross section data. If you are trying to plot a large number of isotopes like the above plot then the redirect might struggle. It is better to pass the url directly the computing server which is located at just like this Link.